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public art exhibition

The YARD -Public art project space- DECEMBER 1, 2018 – FEBRUARY 28, 2019

In this age of technological transformation, privacy and its boundaries are increasingly being redefined and reduced. Exploring the imaginative space of law, and the public/private space of The Yard, Juliacks presented an installation peering behind and through the legal history of Curtilage in the United States in terms of privacy and folk art. The 4th amendment of the US constitution protects citizens from unwarranted searches and seizures. This protection extends to a person’s home and its curtilage. “The curtilage of a house or dwelling is the enclosed space of ground and buildings immediately surrounding a dwelling-house. It delineates the boundary within which a homeowner can have a reasonable expectation of privacy and where “intimate home activities” take place.” (

Continuing in her use of non-linear, transmedia narrative, Juliacks presented site-specific work, created in Colorado Springs’ Divine Redeemer neighborhood. Hanging abstract textiles blocked the windows of the home of The Yard. One inflated glob rolled over the earth. At night, the globule was illuminated by a projection of thermal videos taken of the house and its neighboring dwellings.