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Award winning Support from the Mondriaan Foundation & Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.


A trans-historical undertaking transforming legal, Criminal,Historical archives, technologies and Social Research into narratives about the past, Present and Future of Justice.


Juliacks – lead Creator

TAAK – Co-producer, Commissioner & Curator

Suzanne Sanders – Dramaturg, Coordinator

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Fiction and its layered construction are at the basis of Juliacks’ work, which takes the form of books, films, theatre, performance, installations, paintings and comics. She creates narratives that unite, divide and perform themselves through the interweaving of mediums, cultures and time. Her stories touch upon social-cultural issues such as the denial of death, the quagmire of naturalization, and the construction of conflict, memory and belief. The audience interacts with the work on several levels—literal, symbolic, visual, aural—sometimes simultaneously, at times sequentially, referencing not only the contemporary context but also artistic predecessors and archetypal elements.