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on the future of justice

A new play written and directed by Juliacks

In the year 9021, humans have a new approach to life, death, and justice. 

Devised by the ensemble.

stations of brendalisha

on the future of justice

On the crimes of Brendalisha and the sentencing after her guilt –in a future world where Mirrors bring you into forbidden worlds. 

Creative healing workshop

on the future of justice
Dear Fellow Future Justice Designer,
The focus of this online creative workshop is about the capacity of Healing within Justice.
Laws and the enforcement of them, are an invisible design that shapes our lives in a myriad of ways. In light of the current situation of covid-19, there is a global awareness about the effects confinement and isolation, and the dangerous situations of incarceration.  What would Justice be like if it was centered around healing and restoration? 
This event is for anyone who would like to reflect, imagine and create around ideas of healing, justice and justice systems from a trans-historical perspective.
This event will provide a space for people from around the world to come together and envision new ideas.

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